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patch fixes ordering from Search Results page issue in v7.1

Product: Manager and Pro
Version: v7.1x
Platform: ALL

I have ShopSite Pro v7.1, v7.1.0, v7.1.1, or v7.1.2 and I have experienced (or some shoppers have reported) problems ordering products from the Search Results screen on my store, seeing an error similar to this:

Error verifying /path/to/your/shopping/cart/directory/sc20f7845c4d072e56b0fb0f4c6e0190b8a6bf,*20f7845c4d072e56b0fb0f4c6e0190b8a6bf:BAD INPUT.auth
This store may not be authorized to run ShopSite software. Please contact the merchant or webmaster.


1) If the file has been modified or corrupted copy the original store.auth file from the install directory to 20f7845c4d072e56b0fb0f4c6e0190b8a6bf,*20f7845c4d072e56b0fb0f4c6e0190b8a6bf:BAD INPUT.auth in the store data directory.
2) If solution 1 does not work, contact the vendor that sold you ShopSite software to get a valid auth file.


Unable to find auth file for 20f7845c4d072e56b0fb0f4c6e0190b8a6bf,*20f7845c4d072e56b0fb0f4c6e0190b8a6bf:BAD

Are there patches to resolve this?

Solution ID: S5504

Yes, a patch has been released for ShopSite v7.1.2 which resolves this problem. If you have v7.1 or v7.1.0, or v7.1.1 you will need to upgrade to the v7.1.2 maintenance release before applying this patch.

The patch file is located on the ShopSite partners FTP site in the [your_os]/v7.1.2/patch/ directory, so please contact your ShopSite reseller so that they can download and apply this patch for you.

The patch file to get to resolve this issue is:

For Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris SPARC, and IRIX server platforms:
This file should replace the file of the same name in the ShopSite CGI Directory (this directory in usually named 'ss' or 'bo').

For BSDi OS 4.x:
order.cgi AND productsearch.cgi
These files need to replace the files of the same name with the following files in the Shopping Cart CGI Directory (this directory is usually named 'sc' or 'sb') for BSDi platforms only.

For Windows 2000 and 2003 Server platforms:
This file should replace the files if the same name in both the ShopSite CGI Directory (ss or bo) AND the Shopping Cart CGI Directory (sc or sb).

After applying the patch on all platforms except BSDi, the ShopSite version number will appear as v7.1.3.1

These fixes will be included in future versions and maintenance releases.
Solution ID: S5504

NOTE: this issue typically occurs when using HTML frames on your site, and your search results page is in one of the frames but is using a different domain name than the main frameset page whose URL shows in your browser's Location bar.

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