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search setting 'Auto new search with stems if nothing found' has no effect

Product: Pro
Version: v7.1.1
Platform: ALL

I have ShopSite Pro v7.1, v7.1.0, or v7.1.1 and I have the Preferences -> Search Settings -> Search Layout setting 'Auto new search with stems if nothing found' turned on, but when I search for a substring of a word that is not found itself, the stemmed search is not performed to find the products with that root word. For example, I searched for 'abc', which is not found, however I have a product with the word 'abcde' in it that should be found (but is not) if there was not a match for the original search term. Can the expected functionality be restored?
Solution ID: S5499

Yes, a patch has been released for ShopSite v7.1.1 which resolves this problem. If you have v7.1 or v7.1.0 you will need to upgrade to the v7.1.1 maintenance release before applying this patch.

The patch file is located on the ShopSite partners FTP site in the [your_os]/v7.1.1/patch/ directory, so please contact your ShopSite reseller so that they can download and apply this patch for you.

The patch file to get to resolve this issue is:


This patch needs to replace the file of the same name in the Shoppping Cart CGI Directory (this directory is usually named 'sc' or 'sb').

Solution ID: S5499

This issue has also been resolved in the newer v7.1.2 maintenance release, see kbase solution S5501

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13th of November, 2008

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