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Add or Edit screens for Pages and Products loads really really slow

Version: 7.x
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I have ShopSite v7 and whenever I go to edit or add a page or product, it takes a really long time to load the add/edit screen (or in some cases it takes so long it seems like it freezes the browser). Is there anything that can be done to speed this up?

Solution ID: S5495

In ShopSite version 7 the ability was added to work with images in subdirectories, and also the option to select Images from the media directory via a pop-up window rather than the standard drop-down list selection in previous versions. The drop-down list method is still the default method.

On some systems with large numbers of images in a single directory the problem you experienced may occur when using the default drop-down list option. Swicthing to the pop-up window method for selecting images should speed up the rendering of the add/edit screens, as it eliminates the loading of the full list of images onto those screens. To switch to the pop-up selection, go to you ShopSite's Images menu, and at the bottom is a radio button selection labeled 'Choose how you want to select images for pages and products'. Select the 'From a pop-up window' selection and click the Save button. Next time you add/edit a page or product after this, there will be a 'select' button for the image fields rather than a drop-down list.

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