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Problems trying to setup a Coupon to apply to a very large number of specific products

Version: v6.x
Product: ShopSite Pro
Platform: ALL

I am trying to create a coupon, which is applied to a large number of select products in a ShopSite 6.x Pro store. I get an error similar to the following after selecting the products: "Redirection limit for this url exceeded. Unable to load the requested page."

Is there a fix or workaround for this problem?
Solution ID: S5492

In ShopSite v6.x the specific products to assign to a coupon are chosen in a pop-up window, and the product ids selected by the merchant are passed back to the parent window in cookie data. Cookies can only hold a certain amount of data (2K in most browsers), so too many specific products assigned to a coupon will cause problems. There is no exact number because it depends on the size/length of the record numbers of the products chosen, but an estimated maximum could be around 200 products.

In ShopSite v7 the pop-up/cookie method of product selection for coupons has been done away with, so you should be able to select any number of products that you would like. It is recommended that anyone who is experiencing this issue should upgrade their ShopSite Pro to v7.0 or newer.

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13th of November, 2008

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