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a LOT of pull-down menus per product may cause last part of menu selections to appear as garbage in View Orders

Product: ALL
Version: 6.3
Platform: ALL

If I have a product that has a lot of menu selections, I sometimes see garbage at the end of the menu selections field when looking at the order in the 'View Orders' screen or in the Order Download file. How can I resolve this?

Solution ID: S5478

A patch has been issued to resolve this 6.3 problem. The patch file is located on the ShopSite partners FTP site, so please contact your ShopSite reseller so that they can download and apply this patch for you.

The patch file(s) to get to resolve this issue is:

(for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris):

(for BSDi, IRIX, and Windows 2000):

This patch file(s) needs to replace the file(s) of the same name in the ShopSite CGI Directory (this directory is usually named 'ss' or 'bo').

NOTE: The correct, non-corrupted pull-down menu selections made by the shopper are still available in the merchant copy of the email receipts, so if you have a question regarding what selections were made, you can refer to your email notification for this information until this patch has been applied.

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13th of November, 2008

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