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empty or blank Search Results pages, or some results pages with too few products

Product: ShopSite Pro
Version: 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
Platform: ALL

When I search for a search term and get back multiple search results pages, some of those pages may be empty or have very few product hits on them. Why is this happening?
Solution ID: S5471

This issue is caused by products that are being indexed, but do not meet the criteria to be displayed on the search results, however they are still being counted among the hits even though they are not being displayed.

This basically revolves around the product's Search Destination settings (Products -> Edit Product Info). Every product in ShopSite is indexed, but only products with a valid Search Destination can show in the search results. Here are some examples of products without a valid search destination:

1. Search Destination radio button set to the text field but no destination URL specified in the text field.
2. Search Destination set to Store option, but the product is not placed on a store page or the store page it is placed on is marked not to be indexed.
3. Search Destination set to MoreInfo option, but "Check here to create a More Info page" checkbox not checked in product info.
4. Search Destination set to None option.

The only solution for ShopSite v6.x versions prior to v6.3 to get around the blanks (blank results pages or blank spaces on results pages) is to put the products that are causing these blanks onto an indexable store page or otherwise give them a valid search destination so that they can show up in the search results.

Items 1, 3, and 4 of these instances have been resolved in ShopSite v6.3.

In v6.3 and newer, products that do not qualify for the search results because of their Search Destination setting, will not be indexed during the indexing phase of Publish. Item 2 above can be worked around in v6.3 and newer by setting the Search Destination for products to None instead of Store if you don't want them to display in the search results.

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