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How can I maintain my OrderAnywhere Links when I move my ShopSite store to a new server?

Product: SC + TX
Version: 3.x through 5.x
Platform: ALL

I'm moving my ShopSite store to another server. Can I maintain my OrderAnywhere links?
Solution ID: S05301

An updated link to the online help for moving a store is available in solution S02780. Per those instructions, if you have commandline access and are moving between servers with the same type of CPU (and are therefore able to move the entire data directory), you will be able to maintain your existing OrderAnywhere links.
If you are moving a store between servers with different CPUs, the product database must be downloaded from the old server and uploaded to the new server. This action usually changes the product numbers, or itemnums, which also changes the OrderAnywhere links.

An enhancement request has been submitted to examine the process for this type of move. Methods to change the process and preserve the OrderAnywhere links in all move circumstances will be considered for future releases (see solution S04151 for more information on enhancement requests).

A work-around exists with the "" file. Details for obtaining this file are available in S04174.

After inserting this file in the old store's ss directory and accessing via your browser, use this program to download a new file that contains the itemnum values, name and SKU for the existing product database on the old server. In an external data manager or spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel, sort the products based on itemnum, starting with an itemnum of 0. If there are missing numbers, create blank products in those spaces with names that will be easy to sort and group together later (ie: ZZ1, ZZ2, ZZ3, etc.). For example, if the file you've exported from the "" program looks like this:

2 productnameA SKU1
3 productnameB SKU2
5 productnameC SKU3

Edit it to look like this:

2 productnameA SKU1
3 productnameB SKU2
5 productnameC SKU3

Once a complete text file is created that fills in the missing itemnums and maintains the order of the old database, upload this file to the install on the new server. The new install should contain a completely empty (never before used) database. After publishing, confirm that all itemnums match the old store by comparing the product itemnums in the new install with the existing store (see suggestions in S04174). After confirming, backup the database.

Return to the old store and download the entire products database using Utilities > Database > Download (database.cgi). Upload to the new server, selecting the "Update existing records" option and publish. Again confirm that the OrderAnywhere links match in the old and new store. Once confirmed, delete all the products added to fill in itemnums (ZZ1, ZZ2 ...) through the Pages screen (pages.cgi).

You should now have the same product numbers (itemnums) in your old and new store, and your OrderAnywhere links will be preserved with the store move.

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Solution ID: S05301

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