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Is it possible to upload order and statistic information in ShopSite? What will still be available if I move my store?

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Is it possible to download statistic information? Can I upload orders or statistics into ShopSite? How can I keep this information if I move stores?
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Information under Reports (stathandler.cgi) can't be uploaded or downloaded from an existing store. Orders (orderhandler.cgi) can only be downloaded (in Manager and Pro only). An enhancement request has been submitted to consider adding these capabilities to future releases. See solution S04151 for details regarding enhancement requests.
The Report and Order information may be transferred to a new store if you are moving between two servers that share the same type of CPU and you have command line access. If not, only the Orders information may be downloaded and managed separately.

Additional details, including capabilities for moving the products and pages information, are available in the online help under Technical Information > Moving a Store. See also solution S02780 for an updated link to the move instructions.

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