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What is the knowledgebase? What are solutions? (technical support resources)

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If you are reading this, you've already discovered how to access the ShopSite knowledgebase. What exactly is the knowledgebase and how can it be used?
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The knowledgebase contains answers to frequently asked questions or problems encountered with ShopSite. The knowledgebase entries are called "solutions" and are written by ShopSite technical support engineers. They allow you or your CSP partner to resolve problems without having to escalate to support.
Each descriptions often starts with the following information:


All three details help to quickly identify if this solution can be applied to your problem. If you don't have the specific product and version of ShopSite and/or are not running on the platform specified, the solution probably isn't applicable.

The version information also indicates when that solution was last updated. It's useful to consider when the information was posted and again whether or not it may still be applicable. Also, check the solution to see if there are related solutions noted. You'll often find links to similar solutions that may be more appropriate to the symptoms of your problem.

We're always working to make sure the solutions are clear, concise, and easy to find and apply. If the knowledgebase link does not allow you to submit feedback (you may see the error: "Forbidden: Your client is not allowed to access the requested object."), you may submit suggestions via the feedback form located at:

Remember to include the solution number that needs correction.

See solution S02074 for other technical support options available to you.

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