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How can I customize my shopping cart pages? (order.cgi > billing.cgi > thankyou.cgi)

Product: SC
Version: 5.0 and earlier
Platform: ALL

I'd like to change the style and look of my shopping cart. What are my options?
Solution ID: S04741

Solution ID: S04741

Depending on your version of ShopSite (Lite vs. Mgr. vs. Pro - see solution S04125), the Cart pages may be customized primarily through two ShopSite screens. These screens, with their corresponding 5.0 help links:
Commerce Setup > Order System (sbconfig.cgi)

Preferences > Store Text (worldconf.cgi)

In ShopSite Pro, the Order API feature (Merchandising > Order API *or* ccgisettings.cgi) allows for some additional customization that may affect the buyer's checkout experience:

In ShopSite Lite, the CSP Partner may customize the Lite graphics through file access. Details are available at:

As of version 5.0, there are no additional supported options for customizing the ShopSite cart.

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