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How does ShopSite handle Reports?

Can you explain how ShopSite collects Sales and Traffic statistics to display in the Reports section of ShopSite?
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Product: Pro
Version: 10.x and earlier
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Sales stats are logged in istats.[ordernum].new files after a sale is completes.
Traffic stats are initially kept by the webserver in the webserver's access_log.

When Reports (stathandler.cgi) is accessed, the istats.[ordernum].new files are used to 1) increment the sales counters found in the data/stats directory and 2) update the orders.stats.db which allows us to see what sales came from what pages.

stathandler.cgi also parses the webserver's access_log looking for strings that match what the merchant has entered in for the StoreID sub-string in the Reports config screen. First it checks to see when the last date read is (found in statconfig.aa) and seeks to that date in the file and then starts to parse. When it finds a hit it will 1) update the traffic counters found in the data/stats directory and 2) copy the line from the webserver's log file into a file called store.log or [storeid].log (I forget which) in the data/stats directory.

So if their stats are up to date (ie they had just now accessed stathandler.cgi), then all the stats are contained in:

the .dl counters in data/stats/
the stats.orders.db in data/
and the store.log or [storeid].log in data/stats

The summaries all generate their info from these other files.

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