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Add to Cart and View Cart Buttons (Graphics) Are Not Displayed (Broken GIFs)

Product: ShopSite SC
Version: 5.X
Platform: UNIX (BSD)

When the store is published, the "Add to Cart", and "View Cart" button graphics are NOT displayed. They appear as "broken GIFs" in the browser. The "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" links are working (i.e. clicking on the broken GIF does add the item to the cart, or view the cart). The images are simply not appearing.

If the merchant, through the ShopSite back office, tries to fix the broken GIFs by using the Power Edit feature (Back Office -> Products -> List All Products -> PowerEdit -> Select, from "Layout" list, "Add to Cart Button"), the Power Edit "Button Customization" page looks 'incomplete'. There does not seem to be a way to enter or select or modify the "Add to Cart Button". (It looks as if a text field were missing from this Power Edit "Button Customization" page.)

Solution ID: S04423

Based on the symptoms, it appears as if the ShopSite Products database has not been properly upgraded to use ShopSite 5.0.
In the Back Office, go to Utilities -> Database -> "Check Status". On the list, select the Products "status". Verify that the status is "OK". Click on "OK", and verify that you see:

File name: /products.db

DB Version 2.1

If the database is correctly displaying DB Version 2.1, then please provide technical support telnet access, or send us the products.db as an attachment, for further investigation.

There is a strong possibility that the products.db database has NOT been properly upgraded to 5.0. To reupgrade, visit the directory containing wwwinstall.cgi (the ShopSite browser installation). Then recover the auth file for this store, and rename it store.auth. (If the customer recently upgraded, the store.bak file in this directory will likely contain the correct store.auth file for this store.)

In the browser, visit http:///cgi-bin/shopsite/wwwinstall.cgi. In ShopSite 5.0, you'll see a checkbox that says "Update to version 5.0.0.X". Choose this box.

If an upgrade had already occurred, remove the VERSION file from the data directory, before upgrading the database (see Solution S03713).

See (and select Technical Information->Installing ShopSite) for more details.

Solution ID: S04423

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13th of November, 2008

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