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Why is there an extra space between my product name and product description after I upgraded to 5.0?

Product: SC
Version: 5.x
Platform: All

I recently upgraded to ShopSite 5.0. Afterwards, I found an additional line break
between the product name and the product description. How can I get rid of that extra space?
Solution ID: S04390

An extra
tag was found in the 5.0 Compact templates. Try selecting a product that displays the problem and view the template selection under the Edit Product Layout screen. If you are using either the "Compact" or "Compact Graphic Over Text" template, this solution probably applies.
Two patches are located at the ftp site under the perl/version/v5.0/ directory:


To correct, make backups of the existing templates in the ss/templates/products directory and replace with the patch versions. See solution S04593 for more information about locating specific ShopSite directories.

Details for obtaining and applying patches are available in the online help under Technical Information > Installing ShopSite > Patch Installation. An updated link is also available in solution S03704.

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13th of November, 2008

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