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How can I install a new store and make sure it works before moving my old store? (installing demo auth with IP address)

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I would like to install a store and get it ready on a server other than the live server. Can I install ShopSite using the IP address of the new server and use it that way until I am ready to switch the domain name over?
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Yes, this is possible but since ShopSite generates page and more info page links and image URL's based on the [storeid].auth file, you will need to have a new auth file with the IP-based URL in order to generate these links correctly for the new server.

If you already have the store installed on the new server with the old auth file then you would:

Back-up the auth file on your new server.

Ask your ShopSite reseller to get you a temporary demo auth that uses your IP address.

Replace the old .auth file (in your Data directory) with the new temporary .auth file.

Go to Images and select all the images in the list box and hit the Reset Image Attributes button. This will reset the attributes on the images so that they will now come from the IP address.

You may need to switch your Shopping Cart URL in Preferences -> Hosting Service to use the IP instead of the domain name. So if it currently says something like then you would want to change it to http://[your IP number here]/cgi-bin/sc.

Go to Utilities -> Publish and click the Regenerate button to regenerate all your ShopSite pages.

When your new store is ready and you are ready to switch your domain name to the new IP, follow these steps again, replacing the temporary .auth file with the original that was backed up.

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