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Can I set up shipping by flat percent base?

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I want to charge shipping as a straight percentage of the order total. Is there a way to do this with ShopSite?

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ShopSite Manager and Starter merchants can approximate a percentage based shipping schedule using the Shipping by Currency method. For example, if you want to charge a rate of 8% of the product total as a shipping charge, change the shipping option under Commerce Setup -> Shipping to Shipping by Currency and average out shipping like if total is $1 to $10 then shipping will be $0.80, if it is $11 to $20 then shipping will be $1.60. Percentages can't be entered in this table, so you would have to figure the amount for each price range that you wanted to configure and enter it manually.

But if using Pro version of ShopSite then you can switch to Flat Shipping and enable one shipping option with a $0.00 price and use the Handling Charge feature (also configured on Commerce Setup -> Shipping) to multiply the order price by .08 to get an 8% shipping charge. Note that this method would only work if you only wanted one shipping option, since there is only one configuration/formula for the Handling Charge feature.

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