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ShopSite adds my shipping tax to my shipping total in the order screens. Can this be changed?

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ShopSite adds my shipping tax to my shipping total in the order screens (ie: in the cart screens such as order.cgi and in the Order screen - orderhandler.cgi). Is there a way to add shipping tax to the tax total rather than shipping total?
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Tax configuration options are located under Commerce Setup > Sales Tax (taxhandler.cgi).

In ShopSite v7.0 and newer, merchants have an option (unchecked by default) to charge tax on shipping. Underneath this checkbox is a radio button with two options, 'Include shipping tax with shipping total' and 'Include shipping tax with tax total'. 'Include shipping tax with tax total' is the default for v7.0 and newer, but of course it will only be enabled if you also check the checkbox to charge tax on shipping.

In earlier versions of ShopSite (v5.x, v6.x), if you've selected to "Compute sales tax on products + shipping," you will see a tax charge added into the shipping field as well as to the product tax field for applicable orders. This cannot be changed. If you have selected "Compute sales tax on products + shipping" and need to separate the shipping tax from the shipping + shipping tax total, here is one possible work-around:

1) Check the shipping set up under the Sales Tax screen in ShopSite. You'll need to run through these steps for each line with a different tax rate.

2) Download the orders from ShopSite into a separate database management software (ie: Miscrosoft Access or Excel).

3) Sort and separate the orders by the way the taxes are configured as determined in Step #1. For example, if one line under the Sales Tax screen reads:
"I live in Georgia. 7.00%"
sort and separate all of the orders from Georgia using the State field.

4) The ShippingTotal field contains the shipping total including shipping tax. After these orders have been isolated, divide the figure located in the ShippingTotal field by "1.xx" with "xx" equal to the tax percentage as a decimal. For the example above:
ShippingTotal / 1.07 = shipping only (without tax)

5) Subtract the shipping only figure from the ShippingTotal to isolate the shipping tax total. Shipping tax may than be added to the product tax, or TaxTotal field, to compute the total tax ( = product tax + shipping tax) on Georgia orders.

Solution ID: S04183

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