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What does it mean when a solution indicates that an "enhancement request has been submitted?"

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The ShopSite Solution for my issue indicates that an enhancement request has been submitted. What exactly does this mean?
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Solution ID: S04151

We receive many requests to add or change ShopSite features. When a request is escalated to ShopSite support through our CSP partners, an enhancement request is logged with our developers.
We track the number of request received for a particular feature addition or change. As the number of requests increase for any individual enhancement, the likelihood of it being incorporated into the next release of ShopSite increases.

There is a second, equally effective method to submit your request for a feature change (thereby increasing its chances of being considered). It is available through the online help feedback page. A link to the feedback page is available on most ShopSite help pages. You may also submit your enhancement request at:

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