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Can the shopping cart buttons be copied to the top of the Shopping Cart screen?

Product: SC Pro
Version: 4.x, 5.0
Platform: ALL

Can the shopping cart buttons (Continue Shopping, Recalculate, etc) be copied to the top of the Shopping Cart screen (order.cgi)?

Solution ID: S02618

They cannot be copied to the very top of the shopping cart screen because the submit buttons have to be between the opening FORM and closing /FORM tags, however you can move them up higher by copying the HTML for the submit button, making it into one line of HTML, and adding it at the beginning or end of one of the text field labels that show up higher in the page (but still within the form).

First, go to your storefront and order a product. From the shopping cart screen, view the HTML source. Find the HTML code for the buttons near the bottom of the page and copy the code to the clipboard. The code for the submit buttons should look something like this:

(newer versions of ShopSite may have added a JavaScript function for some of the submit buttons, so make sure you get that as well)

If you've changed the name of the buttons through Language Settings, 'value=' will have that changed value. Make sure that you copy the tags exactly as they are when you view source.

Open up Notepad, or another text editor. Paste in the button tags. Take out all of the line feeds, so that it now looks like this:

At the start of the code, add a < br >tag and a
tag. Then, at the end of the line, add a
tag. Copy this text into the clipboard.

After copying the text to the clipboard, go into your ShopSite back office. Go to Preferences > Store Text > Shopping Cart. On the line that says "Show me my shopping basket every time I order something :", paste your text on the end.

To remove the existing buttons at the bottom of the screen:

You will need to select a background graphic or color for the cart under Commerce Setup > Order System. Then use a .gif of the exact same color and replace the appropriate buttons under Preferences > Store Text > Shopping Cart. This makes the buttons virtually invisible to the shopper.

NOTE: If using a background color, it's recommended to use major colors like true white or true black. Some colors may appear differently on different computers. Unusual background colors may not look the same as the color of the .gif. See solution S03806 for more details.

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