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Page links point to the wrong directory when the store is regenerated.

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When pages are created through ShopSite, the links created through the selections under Pages > Edit Page Layout > "Link Location" point to the wrong directory. A "Not Found" error is received when the links are used.
Solution ID: S04096

ShopSite generates files in the output directory and looks for Images in the media subdirectory of the output directory. When links and image URLs are generated on pages, the auth file URL is used.
Check under Preferences > Hosting Services. To avoid broken links and broken images, the URL contained in the auth file, or "Store URL", should correspond to the path listed in the "Output directory"

For example:

Store URL:
Output directory: /home/httpd/data/storeid

- or -

Store URL:
Output directory: /home/httpd/data/storeid/shop

If you're experiencing difficulties with page links, you may either:

1. Edit the "outputdir:" and "outputurl:" token in the .aa in the ss directory to correspond to the Store URL.

2. Request a new auth file with a URL that corresponds to the desired output directory location.

Contact your CSP partner for assistance. Once the new auth file is obtained:

1. Back up the original auth file and rename the new file to .auth and place it in the data directory.

2. Under Images, correct the image paths. If you've edited the images previously, you will need to enter the correct path for each image using the Edit Image Attribute feature. Otherwise, you may select all the images and use Reset Image Attributes.

3. Regenerate the store under Utilities > Regenerate.

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