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How do I remove one of the two store URLs in the buyer email receipt?

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At the bottom of the buyer receipt screen is two URLs for my store. How do I remove one?
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The "Store URL:" text field under Preferences > Store Text > Receipts is intended for a text entry. "Store URL:" is the default text, but you may change this, for example, to another language or to "Please come back and visit us at:"
Although a URL may be used, this will result in the duplication seen.

To avoid double URLs, this field should have a text entry or some other non-url description. To change the URL that appears on the email receipt, edit the "'My Store' URL:" under Preferences > Hosting Services. Note that this will also change the path from the "My Store" icon in the upper right corner of the start.cgi screen.

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29th of December, 2008

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