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Email receipt errors after upgrade to ShopSite v6.2 or newer from prior versions

Product: Starter, Manager, and Pro
Version: 6.2 or newer
OS: Windows

My ShopSite on a Windows Server platform was just upgraded from a pre-6.2 version to ShopSite v6.2 or newer, and now when a shopper finalizes an order they get an error message regarding improper email configuration and/or never receive the email receipts. What can be done to fix this?
Solution ID: S5463

Beginning with ShopSite v6.2, ShopSite no longer uses the 3rd-party mail program wSendmail.exe to send email receipts. Instead, the email sending is done directly within the ShopSite program.

As with all email 'client' programs, ShopSite requires a SMTP server to send the email through. Each v6.2 (or newer) ShopSite store on Windows Server platforms has a setting to indicate the location of the SMTP server to be used. This setting can be seen in Preferences -> Hosting Service, near the bottom following the label that says "SMTP Host:".

By default, when your store is upgraded the first time to v6.2 or newer, the SMTP Host setting, which is new, is given the value of 'localhost'.

In most cases, this is correct and will not need to be modified. It means that your server is running the SMTP server which ShopSite should use to send emails through.

In some cases, hosting providers have SMTP servers on computers other than those used as webservers, for example, ''. If you are experiencing email issues following an upgrade, you should contact your hosting provider to find out what SMTP server should be used for this setting. The setting can be either the domain name (like or the IP address (like of the SMTP server.

The setting is changed by editing the file [your_store_login].aa located in the Shopping Cart CGI Directory (usually called 'sc' or 'sb') on Windows Servers. The token in this file whose value you should modify to change the SMTP Host setting is the 'smtp_host:' token. Once this file is saved with the new changes, ShopSite should begin using the new setting as the STMP server for the sending of emails.

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