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How to downgrade store to the lower version

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How someone can downgrade store to the lower version, if they run into problem after upgrade.
Solution ID: S03960

First create an DIR_LOCK file in the stores data directory. This will prevent anyone from running cgi's while the downgrade is in process (merchants can't change settings, buyers can't make purchases, etc.). Then restore the cgi directories from your backup. If you had ShopSite tar up (Backup) the data and cgis you will find a tar file in each cgi directory (Shopping cart and Back office) and in data directory of each store.Then unzip the lower version of zip files, obtained by ftping to When all the above has been completed remove the DIR_LOCK file from the data directory and test the store out.

A typical untar command would look similar to example below. On a BSDI sever where you had just upgraded to ShopSite v4.3 and you wanted to untar (downgrade) the shopping cart cgis, issue the following command from the Shopping Cart directory:

tar -xvf sc.4.3.tar

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