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Is there a way to retrieve deleted orders?

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I accidentally deleted a new order or an order from which I had not gotten all of the information that I needed. Is there a way to retrieve this order?
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It may be possible to recover recently placed ShopSite orders that were accidentally deleted.

ShopSite keeps new orders in encrypted individual order database files (iorder files) until the point the merchant goes to check their orders in ShopSite, at which point they are imported into the orders tables in the main database. These individual order files are kept in the ip/ subdirectory of your store's ShopSite Data Directory (to find the path on the server to the data directory for your store, go to Preferences -> Hosting Service in your ShopSite backoffice, the directory path to the ShopSite Data Directory should be listed near the bottom).

The filename for newly placed orders that haven't been imported into the main database yet would be iorder.[order_number].new. They are renamed with a .done extension after they have been imported. These .done files will stay around for a few days (approximately 5 to 7) just in case they are needed, after which they will be cleaned out. If you need to restore an order into ShopSite and that order's iorder file is still available in the data/ip/ directory, then you can rename the iorder.[order_number].done file to have the .new extension again, then access the Orders section in ShopSite and it should be imported into your list of orders again as if it were a new order (and the iorder file renamed with a .done extension again). If you do not have access to the data/ip/ directory for your store, request help with this from your hosting provider.

If the iorder file for the order you are looking for is no longer available in the data/ip/ directory (or in your host's backups of that directory), then the order is not recoverable into ShopSite and you will need to collect the needed information by some other means (such as the merchant copy of the email receipt).

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