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Tutorial on .inf files and their use in Shopsite

The following will outline the use for .inf files in the media directory:

This will address:
1- These files function
2- How they are updated and how they affect the back office

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The .inf files are files within ShopSite that are located in the media directory. They are where the image attributes are stored for that particular image. If the image is present in the back office, it will have its own file name and a corresponding .inf file outlining its attributes. The file is a text file that contains HTML code for the image. The contents of the file are those image tags that are present for the image in back office under Edit Image Attributes.
This file is not really a large file so there are no real disk space issues with these files.

Also, if you delete an image in the back office, the .inf file will be deleted from the media directory(this is how it is designed to work).

If a given individual were to change the attributes of the file like width and height directly through the file and not the .inf file the change would take effect as Shopsite uploaded the new settings for the back office after they reupload. If individual are directly ftp'ing files to the store, after uploading these files they will need to execute Reset Image Attributes in the back office for Shopsite to take note of the changes.

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