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Unable to regenerate store, or Out of Memory error (dirtyrefs.dat, update.dat, update_i.dat, progress.dat, progress_i.dat).

Product: Manager and Pro
Version: 3.x - 8.0
Platforms: ALL

After editing pages or products, an out of memory error message is received when attempting to publish changes or merchant is unable to regenerate their store at all.
Solution ID: S03847

The dirtyrefs.dat, update.dat, update_i.dat, progress.dat, and progress_i.dat files track what needs to be done during the next partial publish (ie: products that are marked for deletion, pages these products were assigned to, any product or page edits).
Deleting these temporary files from the data directory and regenerating the store through Utilities > Regenerate may fix the problem. The full regeneration often resolves whatever changes these files were trying to accomplish.

For very large stores, publishing changes more frequently rather than storing up multiple changes may help to avoid this error.

This resolution is a support work-around. If problem persists, merchants should look for other symptoms and common factors associated with the error each time it occurs and report to their ShopSite CSP to help pinpoint the exact cause.

Upgrading to v8.1 or newer may also help prevent occurrences of this issue.

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13th of November, 2008

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