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Can't Checkout, can't get past 'Please enter a valid Zip code' error message

Product: ShopSite SC
Version: 6.0.x

I upgraded to v6.0x and now whenever a shopper tries to checkout from the shopping cart they get an error asking them to enter a valid zip code, which they can never get past even if they type in a valid zip code. I have not set up 'Tax by Zip code' or the UPS features that require a Zip code, so why is my cart doing this?

Solution ID: S05451

This was an upgrade bug in the initial releases of ShopSite 6.0 (fixed in 6.1) that affected merchants who were not charging sales tax prior to the upgrade.

The solution is simply to go to Commerce Setup -> Sales Tax and choose the 'Use no sales tax' option and then click the 'Save Changes' button.

Note: If you have placed an item in the cart before resolving the issue and after making the change to resolve as mentioned above you try to place another item in the cart and the cart screen only partially loads, trying clearing your browser's cache and/or cookies to resolve this second issue. It should not occur on subsequent orders (this also has been fixed in version 6.1).

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13th of November, 2008

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