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How do you edit the default font used throughout the store?

Product: SC + TX
Version: 4.x, 5.x
Platform: ALL

I would like to change the font that's used in all of my ShopSite pages. How can I do this?
Solution ID: S03780

The best way to make the change available to all of the store pages in ShopSite Manager or Pro is to add the font coding to the header and footer options under Preferences > Page Header & Footer. You may than apply the changes by performing a Power Edit for all pages, selecting a global change for "Display Universal Header?" and "Display Universal Footer?"
An example of HTML code that may be entered into the Page Header & Footer screen:

Page Header

Page Footer

Solution ID: S03780

With ShopSite Pro, fonts may be edited through use of the Custom Template feature. For details, search for "custom templates" under:
for your version of ShopSite.

Note that custom templates are available in ShopSite v4.2 and greater.
Solution ID: S03780

HTML font specifications may be added into each text box for each page. In Manager and Pro versions, multiple pages/fields may be changed using the Power Edit feature.
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