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Can't add items to Shopping Cart - "Your shopping cart is empty."

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How come some shoppers complain that when clicking on the Add to Cart button to place, the shopping cart stays empty?
Solution ID: S03741

In the ShopSite backoffice under Preferences > Hosting Services, check to see that the Shopping Cart CGIs URL path is consistent with the URL that is contained in the "Add to Cart" or "Order" buttons on your store pages.

For example if your Shopping Cart CGIs URL is set to then the URL for your "Add to Cart" or "View Cart" buttons should be (followed by a bunch of stuff that indicates the product to add, etc).

If the domains are different in these two URL's, this problem can arise.

If the directory path after the domain name and before the /order.cgi (in this example, cgi-bin/sc) is different, this problem can arise.

If you use on your store pages instead of as in the ShopSite settings, thsi problem can arise.

If you are using ShopSite-generated pages you should be able to go to Utilities > Publish and regenerate the entire site, which should change the URLs on the store pages to match what is currently in the Hosting Service setting.

If you are using OrderAnywhere or otherwise placing your "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" on your own HTML pages, then to solve this problem you should standardize the URLs for these buttons on your HTML pages with the setting in Hosting Services.

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