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I can't adjust the image attributes (borders, size) for some / all of my images (thumbnails).

Product: ShopSite SC and ShopSite TX
Version: All
Platforms: All

I can't adjust the image attributes (borders, size) for some / all of my images (thumbnails).
Solution ID: S03759

When you specify an image for a product, there are two ways to do it. You can either choose from the pull-down menu, or specify an absolute URL to the image. If a product is specified by an absolute URL, you won't be able to edit in Edit Image Attributes. With absolute URLs, ShopSite won't know that it's a ShopSite image and doesn't know that it knows the attributes even though it does.
The way to fix this is to edit the Image for the products that this is happening to and choose the correct image from the pull-down menu. Or, if you use Database upload, use just the image file name when uploading instead of the absolute URL.
Solution ID: S03759

After selecting an image from the pull-down menu through the back office, if you later edit that item again the radio button has switched to the box for the absolute URL and the image name is pasted in. This was the intuative design for versions 4.2xx and earlier.
To prevent the problem outlined in this solution, the radio-button may be changed in future versions to stay selected to the pull-down menu for images.

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