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What is the maximum number of products that ShopSite can handle?

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What is the maximum number of products that ShopSite can handle?
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ShopSite SC or TX does not artificially impose any product or page limits for Manager or Pro versions.
It is possible for a ShopSite partner (CSP) to set their own page and product limits. If no limits are set then the number of products and pages supported depends on hardware and system settings on the server operating system and web server. Most server configurations easily handle as many as 10,000 products and pages per store. When the number of products and pages reach the 10,000-30,000 range, server configuration and resources may affect store performance.

Problems that show up usually occur because of time-outs. Operating systems and web servers can have limits on how long a process will run. If the time limit is reached the process will be automatically stopped before it can finish. For example, if you were uploading a 30,000 product database with a page of product information associated with each product, It could take over 20 minutes to get this uploaded and processed by ShopSite. By default many web servers only allow 6 minutes for a process to run, thus preventing the upload from completing.

Where possible, ShopSite has internal 'checkpointing' mechanisms to pick up where it was stopped on an upload or when re-publishing the entire store. Eventually you can encounter cases where the database is so large and the server resources/performance is low enough that the time-out occurs before even checkpointing can be set up.

For these reasons, server limitations may affect ShopSite's database performance as the number of product and pages exceed 30,000. It should be noted that these limitations are not attributable directly to ShopSite.

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