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All settings report 'not OK' when accessing Reports, blank screen when you go to Configure Reports

Product: ShopSite SC
Version: 4.x,5.x
Platform: All

When initially configuring Reports (statStoreOverview.cgi) the following page is returned:


One or more of your statistics configuration settings is incorrect. Without these being set correctly, statistics will not operate.


Server log path: not OK
Server log filename: not OK
Store ID sub-string: OK
Last Date/Time read: OK

Please go to the Configure Statistics area of the back office and correct the settings

Clicking on Configure Statistics (statlogconfig.cgi) returns a blank page in Netscape, or just the navigation bar in Internet Explorer.

Solution ID: S03720

Check data/stats/statconfig.aa
If this file is truncated, restore from a backup, or use statconfig.aa from a new installation:

last file location: 0
last date read: 01/Jan/1900
Update freq-Days: 1
substr: included for backward compatibility
Server log path: /usr/local/etc/httpd/logs
last log file read: access_log
Stat Version: 3.2
Update freq-Minutes: 0
log date format: dd/mmm/yyyy
view summary: summary
Keep for-Days: 0
Keep for-Minutes: 0
Update freq-Hours: 0
Keep for-Hours: 0
lastupdate: Never^
Store ID string: UnInItIaLiZeD
last time read: 00:00:00
Update hour: 1
Update minute: 00
Server log name: access_log
Oldlog path: /usr/local/etc/httpd/logs

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