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Adding a product to the cart without displaying the cart screen

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Question: Can I set up ShopSite so that when a shopper is places an item in the cart the shopping cart screen is not displayed? And only have the cart screen displayed when they click the View Cart (Checkout) button?

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There is no setting in the ShopSite user interface to accomplish this, but you can manually edit a file in your Shopping Cart CGI Directory (this directory is often named 'sc' or 'sb') called and in it there is a variable called 'smb:' whose value is set to 'checked'. If you remove the 'checked' from the variable then the shoppers will not see the cart until they click the View Cart button.

Note that if your store is installed in a mall configuration (multiple stores sharing the same set of cgi's) then this will affect all stores and you shouldn't do it unless you get permission from all the other store owners first. If your store has it's own cgi's then this solution should work great. Check with your hosting provider to see if other stores are sharing the cgis your store is using.

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