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Incomplete or blank email receipts (shopper and/or merchant)

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I and my shoppers are receiving the email receipts when orders are placed, but my and/or their receipt email is coming incomplete or with no text at all. Why is this happening?
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ShopSite uses a 3rd-party program called 'sendmail' (or sendmail-compatible programs like postfix or qmail) to send the receipt emails from UNIX-based web server platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, BSDi). This program is already installed on most UNIX servers.

The command to give sendmail to tell it the email is finished and to send it is a single '.' (period) on a line by itself. So when you experience the incomplete or blank email receipts, check all your settings in all of the Preferences -> Store Text sub-menus to find the one(s) that contain only a '.' and change them to either space character or some other text.

As soon as you find all these lone '.'s and change them and save the changes, your ShopSite store should be able to send complete receipts via sendmail.

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13th of November, 2008

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