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Why are all or some of my order buttons ugly grey or brown blocky things?

Product: SC
Version: 5.x+

I have my Add to Cart and View Cart (or Order and Checkout) buttons set to use just a text string, but some of my buttons are displaying as ugly brown or gray square buttons with my text on them. Why is this happening?

Solution ID: S05437

Normally, ShopSite's order buttons just use an HREF tag that contains information about the product to put it into the Shopping Cart.

When you check the options under Products -> Edit Product Layout for "Display Order Quantity" and "Display Ordering Options" then this adds additional information that must be passed to the Shopping Cart, and this information is configurable by the shopper so a different method must be used to send this info to the cart. This is called a FORM and the quantity and pull-down options selected are FORM ELEMENTS. The Add to Cart and View Cart buttons can no longer be simple HREF links, they now become FORM SUBMIT buttons. When you have a FORM SUBMIT button that is Text, the browser interprets that and makes it into the ugly blocky psuedo-image that you see on the screen. There is no way to prevent this with text FORM SUBMIT buttons, it is internal to the browsers and how they interpret this kind of FORM ELEMENT.

To get rid of the ugly submit buttons, you can either uncheck the "Display Order Quantity" and "Display Ordering Options" on your products, save the settings and Publish your store, or you can change the Add to Cart and View Cart buttons from Text to Images. Image FORM SUBMIT buttons appear the same as HREF image buttons, so all your Add to Cart and View Cart buttons would appear the same if they were using an Image regardless of whether or not you had selected the "Display Order Quantity" or "Display Ordering Options" checkboxes for any particular products.

In ShopSite Manager you can change the Add to Cart and View Cart buttons to images in Preferences -> Store Text -> Store Pages.

In ShopSite Pro you can change the default for new products in that same location, but to change the Add to Cart and View Cart buttons to images for existing products, use the PowerEdit feature in the Products menu.

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