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blank 'Checkout' (billing.cgi) screen after upgrade to v6.2.1 (Manager only)

Product: Manager (Pro and Starter not affected)
Version: 6.2.1

After the upgrade to v6.2.1 of my ShopSite Manager store, I can no longer checkout, when I go to the checkout screen it appears that it is just blank. What can I do?

Solution ID: S5467

With the addition of the v6.2.1 shipping feature to allow changing the display order of the ShopSite vs. the UPS shipping options (see Commerce Setup -> Shipping, the 'Shipping Service Display Order' pull-down settings) some Manager stores (Pro and Starter not affected) after an upgrade would have both sorting order values set to 1, which would confuse the shopping cart and no shipping price/option would be displayed (you would see a --.-- in the Shipping column on the shopping cart screen), which would then cause the checkout cgi to fail (no shipping option when one was expected).

To resolve this, go the backoffice shipping settings (Commerce Setup -> Shipping, the 'Shipping Service Display Order' pull-down settings) and change the UPS setting, which defaults to 1 in the case of this problem, to 2 so that it does not conflict with the ShopSite option which also defaults to 1.

Once you have saved these changes, the shopping cart and checkout screens should work again (if you are in the checkout screen, go back to the first shopping cart screen so that you cart can calculate a shipping value first).

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13th of November, 2008

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