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Placing new Pro .auth file in store's data directory didn't upgrade store from Manager or Starter

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I was told that placing a new Pro store.auth key into my store's data directory would make my store a Pro, why is that not happening?

Solution ID: S05427

1. Did you rename the new store.auth file to [storeid].auth over the [storeid].auth that was already in the data directory?

2. Make sure the auth file is really a Pro auth file by looking at it in a text editor. If the very last character is a '2' then it is really a Pro auth file, if not you need to get a new Pro auth file.

NOTE: You CANNOT simply edit the auth file to change any aspect of it. If the file is changed by editing it, the store will cease to function or give erratic results.

3. Are the [storeid].auth 'files' in your ShopSite CGI directory and Shopping Cart CGI directory both symbolic links back to the file in the store's data directory?

If these files are NOT links (which sometimes happens when a store is moved from server to server because the symbolic links can get moved as the actual files) and you only change the file in the data directory, then the shopping cart and backoffice cgis will not know they are supposed to be Pro and will continue to only display the Manager or Starter features. The recommended solution is not to replace these files with the new one as well, but to remove these files and create symbolic links to the file in the data directory.

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