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Can ShopSite Reports read webserver traffic logs in gzip (or other compression method) format?

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My webserver access logs are gzip'd (or compressed or archived with some other compression method) on the server to conserve diskspace. Can ShopSite read these .gz files to get my traffic Reports?
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Yes, but it requires manually modifying a configuration file in the ShopSite data directory, and your gzip'd files must have the .gz file extension. Here is how to configure it:

In statconfig.aa (found in the [ShopSite datadir]/stats/ directory) you need a line that looks like this (for example)

server log filter for .gz: gunzip


server log filter for .gz: gzip -d

If you have log that were in a certain format that could be read be the imaginary external filter 'foo' you would do like this:

server log filter for .foo: foo -conversion_to_plain_text_flag

You then need to make sure that your server log path and file name are correct, and that the file extension of the filename is set to match the filter extension you set up.

ShopSite will then use the filter command you set up to un-compress the file to a temporary file, parse it as it would a non-compressed file, then remove that temporary file.

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