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Changing the size / font of a ShopSite page's title.

How do I change the size of the title on the pages. It is being set as an

which is too large for our page, but there is no option under page layout or page content that lets you control the size of the title.

Solution ID: S03217

There isn't a way to automatically change the font of the page title in ShopSite. However, there are a couple of workarounds:
1. Put a font tag in the page title. Example: Say your page title is "Accessories". Go to Main -> Pages -> Edit Page Content and change the page name to "Accessories".

NOTE: If you use this method, you will run into a quirk if you use database upload for your products and you include a field for "In These Pages". Because we're trying to match the name of the page, you will also have to add the font tags to the "In These Pages" field of your database. Using the example above, you'd actually put: "Accessories" in the "In These Pages" field.

2. Don't display the page title, then just put the page name into the Text 1 field of the page. This should work as well.

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