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How can I reset the back office password?

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I forgot my back office password. How can I reset it?
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If you are running ShopSite on a Unix-based server (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris), ShopSite uses your web server's built-in .htaccess-type password protection. To reset this password you can use the commandline htpasswd utility that should be included on your server.

Open a commandline shell on the server (telnet or ssh, via a program like putty, etc) on your server and change directories to the ShopSite back office directory (this directory is usually called 'ss' or 'bo'), and type the following command:

$ htpasswd .htpasswd 'storeid' --- replace 'storeid' with your actual ShopSite store ID/login name.

If it doesn't recognize this command, then the htpasswd program is probably not in your execution path. You'll have to find the full directory path to htpasswd program and use the full path when you run this command.

NOTE: This will only work for web servers that are configured to recognize NCSA-style .htaccess files. If your web server doesn't you'll have to contact the server administrator to change this.

In the case of Windows 2000 / 2003 Server using IIS, using .htaccess and .htpasswd files is not applicable since these environments make use of the user's machine login name. The password is the system password for the user you are logging into the ShopSite backoffice as. Again, the system administrator is usually the only one who can change that password.

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Solution ID: S03182

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