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HMTL pages are placed in the wrong directory.

All of the html files are written to:

But all of the links that ShopSite creates are referenced by:
Solution ID: S03179

This is an auth file problem.
With version 3.x:

Go to your back office and go to Main -> Config -> Technical Settings. At the top of this screen it should say:

"Settings for [storeid] at [url]".

With version 4.x:

There is a setting for the store URL about halfway down this page.

Then, for both versions:

Then further down the page, you should see a setting for the Output directory.

The key is this: the URL *must* map to the path of the output directory. For example, if your URL is:

your output directory should be something like:


If these don't match, you'll need to request a new auth file from your account manager (or, and tell them what the URL currently is and what you need them to change it to.

Once you get the new auth file, you do *not* need to reinstall. Simply place the auth file in your data directory and rename it 'storeid'.auth (replacing 'storeid' with your actual store id).

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