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Can the 'Order' and 'Checkout' or 'Add to Cart' and 'View Cart' link text be changed to a graphic?

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Is it possible to have an image or a submit button instead of the words "[Order]" and "[Checkout]", or "[Add to Cart]" and "[View Cart]" on a product page?

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Yes, you can.

ShopSite v4.3 and prior:

From the back office, go to Preferences -> Store Text -> Store Pages. In the box for Add to Cart and View Cart, or Order and Checkout, replace the text with an HTML image tag, such as .

ShopSite v5.x and newer:

In ShopSite v5 (Manager and Pro only) a separate setting was added in Preferences -> Store Text -> Store Pages to allow you to choose a radio button to use an Image rather than the Text string, that was previously the only option. If you choose the Image radio button, you can choose the button from a list of images that are in your media directory (Uploaded and listed in the Images section of ShopSite).

If you're using ShopSite Pro the previous instructions will change the defaults for new products, you must do the following to change the buttons for existing products:

From the back office, go to Products. Click on the 'Search' button to bring up a list of all of your products. Select all of the products that you want the image link for, then click on 'Power Edit'. Select 'Order Button' and 'Checkout Button' from the list box, and select the 'Edit the fields of selected products universally ' radio button, then click on OK. Follow the same basic instructions for changing the default settings here. This will change existing products.

If you are using ShopSite Starter, you will not see the radio button and pull-down to select an image, but you can still use an image for these buttons using the "v4.3 and prior" solution above.

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