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How can I check that my ShopSite store has successfully been moved, upgraded or installed?

Product: SC
Version: 4.x, 5.0
Platform: ALL

I'd like to either move or upgrade an existing store or make sure my new store was successfully installed. What are some things I can check to make sure it's working properly before and after any change?
Solution ID: S02796

You should thoroughly test that your ShopSite store is running smoothly before making any changes, such as a move or an upgrade. Features to check:
PUBLISH - Are you able to use the Publish tab (generate.cgi) in the upper right corner to successfully publish the store? Are you able to do a full regeneration under Utilities > Publish (fullregen.cgi) with any combination of the options selected?

DATABASE CHECK - Run a database check under Utilities > Database (database.cgi). Do the Products, Pages and Orders databases check as "OK?" Remember, it's always recommend that you backup a recent version of your databases through this feature as well as keeping a backup file locally through the database download feature. Pass this advice along to any merchants who host with you.

PRODUCTS AND PAGES DOWNLOAD- In this same Database screen, are you able to download the products and pages databases successfully? Open the file in an external editor. Is all the information there?

PRODUCTS AND PAGES UPLOAD - In pre-5.0 versions, uploading is done through the ShopSite Products and Pages sections (products.cgi and pages.cgi). In 5.0, the product and page upload is combined with the database download capabilities in the Utilities > Database section. If you normally do page or product data uploads to update Pages or Products, make sure this is working properly as well.

ORDER DOWNLOAD - Check under Orders (orderhandler.cgi). Are you able to download the Orders successfully?

MERCHANT FUNCTIONS - Try adding a product and a page and publishing. Any problems? Try placing a test order in the store. Does the order process through to the thankyou screen? Does the order appear in the Orders section of ShopSite? Do you receive your e-mail receipt?

If all of these features appear to run smoothly, you're ready to make your change (make sure all your ShopSite files are backed up) or pat yourself on the back for a change well done!

For details on installing and upgrading ShopSite:

For details on moving your ShopSite store, see solution S02780.

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