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'Couldn't open file DOMAINstore.auth' using Internet Explorer.

Product: ShopSite SC
Platform: Windows NT

When running start.cgi on an NT platform, using Internet Explorer, you get an error:

Couldn't open file DOMAINstore.auth.
Error returned = No such file or directory.

Check that:

1) the file exists.
2) you have the proper permissions(rights) to access the file.
3) the path to the file is correct.

Where 'DOMAIN' is the name of your NT server domain.

NOTE: The symptoms of this problem when using Netscape to access the back office is repeated "Authorization Failed" errors.
Solution ID: S02751

This usually means that the access control on the directory is set up wrong. Access Control needs to be set up for Basic Authentication, not Windows NT Challenge/Response. To fix this with IIS 4, open up Microsoft Management Console, right click on the bo virtual directory, and click on Properties. Click on the Directory Security tab, then click on the button for Access Control. Make sure that Basic Authentication is the only box checked.

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13th of November, 2008

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