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Can additional META tags be added to ShopSite pages, besides 'Description' and 'Keywords'?

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Can additional META tags be added to ShopSite pages, besides 'Description' and 'Keywords'?
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Adding additional information to the the ShopSite-generated pages in the HEAD section using the default page templates is not a current ShopSite feature, although with the Custom Templates feature you have control over the entire document.

The following workaround may be useful to get a limited amount of other tags/information into the HEAD section using default page templates:

From the Pages section of the back office, click on Edit Page Contents for the page that you want to add the Meta tag to. In the 'Meta Description' field, put the following text in *after* the description that you have entered. Make sure that you end your description with a ">, and that you don't put an ending "> after your last new meta tag. For example, you may put:

your description goes here">
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="n6RU1x6NIfdyusAC11XbsrC3GwdaxdfO03Sq3n8wdGA"

related solution: S03786

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