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Why am I getting a "Cannot open keyword.gdb" error when I'm trying to search for a product in my store?

Product: Manager and Pro
Version: ShopSite 8.x and earlier
Platform: ALL

I'm trying to search for a product in my store. However, after entering the word(s) into the field and selecting search, I receive an error similar to the following:

"Cannot open keyword.gdb. It may be in use. Error: File open error"
Solution ID: S02667

This is generally observed in stores where the HTML for the search function has been manually placed directly into the store pages (see S03801), or coded into the page template without using IF tags to determine if the search settings are even turned on for the page. ShopSite won't index the products unless at least one of the ShopSite generated pages has the product search field added in the Page record. If you haven't designated any of your ShopSite pages to include the search field, the software isn't indexing when you Publish and this error results.

To correct, add the product search field to at least one of the ShopSite generated pages. To add the search field:

1. Make sure you're in Advanced Editing in Pages (pages.cgi).

2. Select one page > Edit Page Content > scroll to Advanced Info (at the bottom)


Select one, some, or all pages > Power Edit > Information: "Search Products" + "Individual - edit each selected page" > Proceed

3. Select "Check here to add a product search field to your page." (for at least one or more pages if using Power Edit) > Save Changes > Publish.

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