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Why is the wrong product adding to my shopping cart pages?

Product: SC or TX
Version: 5.0 and earlier
Platform: ALL

When the buyer selects the Add to Cart button for Product A, Product B shows up in their shopping cart. How can I fix this?
Solution ID: S02542

Solution ID: S02542

This problem usually occurs when using the OrderAnywhere feature under Merchandising. To find out if this solution applies, order an item through your store pages. After selecting Add to Cart, look for the section of the URL that contains the item number ("").
Next, follow the steps outlined in S04174 to find the product number in ShopSite. Does it match the cart number? If not, this solution probably applies.

If at any point you delete products through ShopSite and then reenter them OR move a store by downloading and uploading the database rather than moving the data directory (see S02780), their product number, or "itemnum," will change. When this happens, all of the links previously created using the OrderAnywhere Linker will no longer work. The updated links will need to be reinserted into the store pages.

To avoid this, don't delete and recreate records - just modify them. If you are using Database Upload to manage your records in pre-5.0 versions, make sure to use the "Update existing records" option (NOT "Create new records") .

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