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Blank areas on store page, ERROR EMITTING during a Publish

Product: ShopSite SC and TX
Version: ALL

When looking at a ShopSite-generated store page, I can see empty spaces where a product should be. Looking at the Pages -> Arrange Items screen for this page, 'deleted record' messages appear for some products in the in the list of assigned items. I also get an 'ERROR EMITTING' message when this page is Publishing. How can I resolve this?
Solution ID: S02506

Solution ID: S02506

This is caused by items that have been deleted but reference to them has not been cleared out from other records. ShopSite normally takes care of cleaning up the references to deleted items, but this error can sometimes happen, usually when pages or products databases are back-up and/or restored at different times so that they are out of sync.

ShopSite v3.5 and later versions provide a fix for this problem via emitfix.cgi, a cgi included with your backoffice cgi's but with no links in the backoffice. To run it, run emitfix.cgi at your backoffice URL. So if normally you access your backoffice at a URL like, then you would run emitfix.cgi at

After running emitfix.cgi, go to the Utilities -> Publish section of the back office and click on Regenerate. This should fix the "Error Emitting" errors.

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