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Forbidden Error when adding products, pages, or installing Manager, Pro, and Starter forbidden front page post microsoft limit htaccess add page product install

Initial back office pages come up but when you click a button to perform an action such as add a page or product, or
accept the license agreement, a "Forbidden Error" is displayed.

Solution ID: S02409

If the CGI is prevented from "POSTing" (passing data) to another CGI, ShopSite (and many other CGIs) will not work. Microsoft's FrontPage Extensions is known to restrict the "POSTing" of data to CGIs when it is installed.
Look for a directive such as the following in the .htaccess file (for Apache type web servers). The .htaccess file will either be in the directory the ShopSite CGIs execute in or a directory above.

order deny,allow
deny from all

Remove the word "POST" from the directive and everything should then function normally. Note: the
following is ok because the deny from all statement is not included:

require valid-user

If you do not have the deny from all statement then you should not remove the POST command. There are two CGIs which you can run to verify the problem. Anonymously FTP to Cd to the perl directory and retrieve in ascii mode get.cgi and post.cgi. If get.cgi runs but post.cgi does not then the problem is as described above.

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