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Temporarily closing down your store

Store is not ready to begin taking orders.

You don't want the store front accessible to the world because you are not ready to process orders.

Solution ID: S02405

Go into the Pages section of the back office. Select your main page(the one named index.html) and click on Edit Page Contents. Go down to the bottom and change the file name (currently index.html) to something like real.index.html. Then,
using some type of web editor, create a new web page that says something to the effect that your store is under
construction, come back later. Then FTP this new page up and name it index.html. Then your store is really there, but
there are no links to it so no one can actually get to it. When you are ready to again make the store front accessible to the
world, simply change your real.index.html file back to index.html and update your page.

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13th of November, 2008

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