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Clicking "My Store" goes to wrong URL, Images are not displayed

Links don't work, when you click on the 'My Store' graphic from the back office, it takes you to the wrong URL, images aren't loading properly, More Information pages for the product come up under a different URL than your actual domain name.

Solution ID: S02404

Auth file specifies an outdated or incorrect URL for your store front.
FTP/Telnet into your server and go to the Shopsite data directory. Look for a file named 'storeid.auth' (storeid being
replaced with your actual store ID, this is the same as your login name). View this small file. The first part of the file is
going to be in binary - ignore that part. Down at the bottom is a text line with the URL that your store was intended to be at. If this is different than the one that you're using, you can do one of two things. Either start using the URL specified in
the .auth file as your store URL, or contact whomever you bought the Shopsite software from to get a new .auth file
generated with the appropriate URL.

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13th of November, 2008

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